1. Tea

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    Hammocking is one of my all time favorite things to do

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  3. So inspired by last nights show with @ilovejcal, my girls @lstockner @thebrittsterrr , and @aaronkellim @crazymicahman we are on our way ✈️✈️ #music #art (at The Satellite)

  4. Just a THANK YOU for watching and sharing “BREAK UP WITH ME” ! ❤️💔 #new #music #video #thankyou!!!! (at 💔 🆙 w 👸)

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    #MuscleTee @ashleynicks 

    Lady Chief

  6. She’s my stylist, photographer, and bestie @micha_lalala | pix coming soon 🙌 #girls #fun #la #style (at Hollywood Walk of Fame)

  7. Check out these guns |🎸🎸| #gibson #epiphone #guitars #ssmf (at Gibson at Sunset Strip Music Festival)

  8. Never gets old #coke #legend (at Sunset Strip Music Festival)

  9. Rawr!

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  10. "Tonight’s toast goes out to how we call cigarettes a girly, female version of cigars. Which makes sense because they’re far more dangerous and stronger in many ways. And they’ll kill you if you have many more than one."
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